Friday, December 18, 2009

Odosketch Rhinoceros

Please be patient while the sketch video loads ... apologies if the copy is hard to read in your browser, I think the video code is interfering with the text code.

I saw this little Flash program on a couple of blogs that I check in on often:
Joe Bluhm and Jason Seiler and was inspired to do a little sketch of my own in this Web based program. It's fun, fast, and user-friendly; you're given a limited palette of thick and thin colored brushes to work with that allow you to create quickly, and in a way that looks good no matter what you draw. I started a little high on the "page," but that's the fun of these quick sketches ... who cares if it's not perfect? Also, I didn't have to do anything special to record the drawing, that's done automatically.

Personally I liked sticking to a very limited palette, but the colors are chosen in a way that it's hard to pick a bad combination.

Again, this is a lot of fun and hopefully encourages everyone to do a little sketching.

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